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The Postgraduate Programme in “Creative Writing and Cultural Studies” aims at training scientists-researchers in the discipline of Humanities and Educational Science with a specialisation towards the teaching of Creative Writing and Cultural Studies.

The graduates of the Programme, at the end of their studies, will have acquired the relevant theoretical and empirical background, as well as the skills needed, in being employed into different professional and research fields related to education, as well as to the needs of a broader cultural market.

In parallel to its research mission, the Programme intends to promote actions, draw up scientific studies and co-organise social and cultural events that promote and lead to the strengthening of relations between people through group collaboration and social interaction. It seeks to design an educational policy in order to highlight those cultural characteristics that will allow people from different cultural background and experiences to know each other and to cooperate with each other in matters relating to Education and Art, while, at the same time, cultivating feelings of self-esteem and self-respect.